The Value of Play

Play unlocks the world of social relations for a child – it is a journey that lasts until adulthood! It is important that children learn about getting along with peers and play is how this happens.

Some very important personal development happens while children are playing; they are getting to know themselves and where they fit in as a result of play and playing with others.

Here are some examples of what children learn through play:

  • Building: Through building with blocks children learn about size, shape, weight and balances.
  • Painting: Develops small muscle coordination for children to handle a brush.
  • Puzzles: Provide children with the opportunity to improve hand eye coordination and help build self confidence.
  • Water Play: By filling up and emptying buckets and cups through water play children learn about volume, evaporation and the properties of liquid.
  • Sand play: Offers children the opportunity to experiment with the thinking process of cause and effect.
  • Role play: Through role play children are provided with the opportunity to recreate actual events in their lives, allowing them to develop emotionally and creatively.

Feel free to discuss ways your child can learn through play with our educators.